Fashion Video

Fashion ad campaigns are increasingly becoming a blend of still photos and fashion video.  Video adds another dimension to the campaign that adds strength and depth to the brand.  In a world where electronic media rules, fashion video also elevates lookbooks to a higher plateau.

We have added video to our offerings.  Pricing is quoted when the requirements of the video are known.  

We are posting links to a couple of our recent fashion videos below.  They can also be seen on their own pages along with the still photos that accompanied the campaign by using the flyout menu.

Fashion Videos:

fashion videoLovin’ the City: A two minute fashion video shot in MacArthur Park for Totally LA to commence the start of Los Angeles Fashion Week, opening later that day at the MacArthur with the Art Hearts Fashion Show.


fashion videoThe Day We Met: A street fashion video again shot for Totally La to kick off the start of Los Angeles Fashion Week opening that night with the Art Hearts Fashion runway show at the MacArthur.


fashion videographerInterview with a Fashion Model: Zeus Lee interviews fashion model Diana Cole with D’Grey Talent at the start of Los Angeles Fashion Week.  Diana had just finished walking the runway for New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week and was preparing to walk it again for Palm Springs Fashion Week.