LA Product Photographer

“Our sales doubled as soon as we started using your photos.  Thank You!”
KFW, Men’s Formal Wear Retailer

You know the saying about first impressions are a lasting impression.  When it comes to online shopping, the first thing a prospective client sees is the photo of the product you are selling.  If your product photography doesn’t look completely professional, your prospective customers will doubt the quality of your product and service as well.  

We provide product photography for most any product that can be photographed on a table top setting (i.e. we do not do large appliances, tires, furniture etc.) using only professional grade cameras, lenses, lighting and photo editing software.  With almost three decades of professional photography experience, we know how to create images that will sell your products.  We also know how to deliver work that meets the standards of all the major e-commerce sites and shopping platforms such as Amazon.

Product Photography Pricing

All of this is done at very affordable rates.  Basic photos on a white background (which are the most commonly used on e-commerce websites) start at approximately $25.00 per photo, with a minimum order of 10 photos.  Discounts are given when large quantities are photographed at the same time.  We provide free pick up and delivery of your products in the central Los Angeles area for shooting on orders over 50 photos.  

Special backgrounds, groupings, and difficult to shoot products are quoted specially.  We can also consult with you on special shots and composites, such as a product photo with an inset image showing the detail of a key part.  

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