Los Angeles Lookbook Photographer

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Lifestyle photography for a fashion designer’s lookbook.

With a large client base in the Los Angeles Fashion District, I find there is a big demand for apparel catalog photography, particularly web based apparel catalogs.

The larger and more successful clients know it takes more than the catalog photos on a website.  The demand for the clothing is created through lifestyle and fashion photography.  This is the fashion photography that is at the point of sale, in the storefront windows, the lead photos on your website and, yes, the photos used in your ad campaigns.  These are the photos that create the essence of your brand and make people want your product.  They create a feel and a persona the buyers wants to be associated with and experience.

Without them your store will remain empty.  No one has the incentive to come in.  Oddly, many think that if it is for the web, the quality doesn’t have to be as good.  The reverse is true.  Since you can’t touch and feel things on the internet, you truly need photography that makes the viewer say “Wow, I have to have that.”

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