Affordable eCommerce Product Photography

Product Photographer

Having the products for your e-commerce store professionally photographed isn’t an expense.  It’s an investment that earns you more money.

So often we see poorly lit and composed product photos, often taken with an iPhone camera, in an effort to save money.  Unfortunately they do the reverse.  When the photos of your product do not show it at its best, those that see it decide to shop elsewhere.

The same holds true for the level of professionalism seen in the photos.  While your clients don’t tend to analyze the photos (unless they are product photographers), the lack of professionalism is noticed and associated with your brand.  They assume the attention to detail will also be lacking in the product they buy.

We understand how highly competitive the eCommerce marketplace is and we offer pricing for website product photography starting as low as $25 per photo.  See details on our product photography pricing and our product photography portfolio.  We also offer free pickup and delivery on larger orders in the Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles and Los Angeles Fashion District areas.

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