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Amazon has perhaps the strictest product requirements of any e-commerce platform there is.  Many e-commerce store owners have been frustrated and have lost countless hours trying to take product photos themselves… only to have them rejected by Amazon when they try to upload them.

Worse, some store owners have paid photographers to photograph their products only to find they are still rejected.  Among the points that have to be in, the background on your product photos has to be pure white.  I mean 100% white.  There are no “shades of white” or “close enough.”  What looks white on your computer to your eye may not be white.  It’s a numerical value that is white across all computers regardless of monitor, brand etc.  

Product photography on white is one of our specialties.  

You will notice exceptions where you see images on Amazon that have colored backgrounds, or elements of the environment forming the background. There is a place for these and we shoot them too, but for the image of your product on the product detail page, it has to be white.

Of course the product photos have to also be well composed, lit, in focus and aesthetically pleasing.  Truth is, this isn’t just for Amazon, you should never settle for less. It’s your representation of your brand. The product photo is the customers first impression.  Make sure it’s a good one!

I’m sharing some photos we just took for an artisan body care products company in Los Angeles called Asia El Artisan Body Care.  These are actually for their own website which they are in the process of re-designing.  

Working with the products, I couldn’t help but notice how much love went into them.  The ingredients, smells, attention to detail is superb.  I highly recommend you click the link above and check them out!

Be sure to check out our LA Product Photographer photo gallery and our Product Photography Pricing pages for more information.  We provide free pick up and delivery of your products in the central Los Angeles area for shooting on orders over 25 photos.  Nominal pickup and delivery fees apply for smaller orders depending on distance. Contact us with any questions you have!

As a closing note, a recent update to wordpress “broke” this site.  If the images don’t display correctly when you get to the gallery page, click your refresh button and they should come up right.  I will be rebuilding this website as soon as I get a free minute or two!

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