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Amazon Product Photographer Los Angeles

Amazon has perhaps the strictest product requirements of any e-commerce platform there is.  Many e-commerce store owners have been frustrated and have lost countless hours trying to take product photos themselves… only to have them […]

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Product Photography Case Study: Why You Have Trouble Keeping White Product Photo Backgrounds White

I recently had a woman call me that was struggling with making the white backgrounds in her product photos for her fashion ecommerce website actually come out white.

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How to Minimize eCommerce Returns and Increase Sales

One of the biggest burdens an eCommerce retailer faces is the high cost of returns and the growing expectation that free return shipping be provided.

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Affordable eCommerce Product Photography

Having the products for your e-commerce store professionally photographed isn’t an expense.  It’s an investment that earns you more money.

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Accurate Color in Apparel Catalog Photos

On fashion retailer forums and instagram feeds, I’m constantly seeing posts form DIY photographers who are having trouble with color management in their apparel website photos.  Most recently one where the owner of an eBay […]

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Los Angeles Lookbook Photographer

With a large client base in the Los Angeles Fashion District, I find there is a big demand for apparel catalog photography, particularly web based apparel catalogs. The larger and more successful clients know it […]

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Bad Photography Hurts Your Brand

This post may seem a contradiction to my last post that advertises a low starting price for apparel catalog photography.  There isn’t one.  We believe in doing high quality work and work with you to […]

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Apparel Catalog Photography Starting at $25

We spend a lot of time working with fashion designers in the Los Angeles Fashion District.  It is only natural since our photo studio is located here.  The first question people usually ask us is […]

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Men’s Fashion Photographer LA

Most of the fashion photography on this site is oriented toward apparel catalog shots, both print and web. As a rule they are more evenly lit, and simpler with the focus being on the clothing. […]

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Fashion Designer Websites

Working with the fashion designers in the LA Fashion District, a common question is: Can you help us with our website. It seems about 50% of those I work with and have spoken to are […]

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